DigiStyler is based on 3D technology and provides an end-to-end solution for online/e-commerce and e-merchants to your customers. The SaaS-based platform is transforming the business model completely and provides a virtual experience in 3D view for our customers.

Virtual TryOn

3D Display

AR/VR Display

3D Scanning

Implement 3D Avatar to your Online Store

Transforming online shopping experience with Digital 3D Avatar

Users can shop online by creating their own 3D avatar, a virtual try-on where they can find their best fit. Thus, DigiStyler is helping the enterprise customers with real life experience and visualising the details of the products closely. It converts all the inventory into a 3D model with just the click of a button. Our customer can add a wow effect to their user’s buying process and provide confidence in their final purchasing decision.

We make brands and shoppers happy

Increase conversion,
decrease returns

Increase customer

Informed product



Digitize: Convert Your Entire 2D Garment Inventory Into 3D Visualization.

Our experts will first convert all your stock into a 3D model where users can view the product in 360-degrees with zoom in and zoom-out features. All the products will have a 4k resolution, which allows customers to see the textures and detailed quality of the fabrics.

Integrate: Implement the virtual trial room for your online store.

Virtual try-on technology will be integrated into your online portal irrespective of the website platform. Introducing all the features of the in-store shopping experience will virtually wow the customer’s purchasing decision. Our experienced professionals will provide an end-to-end, customised solution for your online store.

Any fashion brand can implement this solution for their different categories in their online store, like apparel, footwear, jewellery, and other accessories. Thus, brands can provide their customers with an advanced one-stop shopping experience.

Go Live

Now it’s time for your customers to visit and try the dresses on their own created 3D Avatar. A customer will come, create and customise their body measurements on a 3D Avatar. They are all set with different dresses and combinations to explore, and based on their choices, they can make a smart purchase decision.