Augmented Reality Fosters The Ease of Online Shopping

The demand for appealing Augmented Reality (AR) apps is steadily rising. Augmented Reality, though in its origin, brings forth greater impact over the mobile technology to prospect. It is now beginning to form a disruptive influence over many industries such as retail, animation, travel and fashion.

NextGen capabilities of re-inventing customer experience with augmented reality. We combine modernization, vision and scrutiny to present the top augmented reality services to our clients. Our AR development team has a broad scope of technical proficiency. It can shape a mixture of high quality and interesting augmented reality apps for both user and enterprise projects.

How do we perform?

Our team is perpetually innovating and looking into Augmented Reality app development services. This is using 3D modeling and visualization, location-based tracking, real-time character identification, 360-degree panoramic imaging and much more. We deliver an extensive variety of industry-specific augmented reality application services:

  • M-commerce/E-commerce applications
  • Navigation and Maps
  • Image Recognition
  • 2D and 3D Effects

How do we design your augmented reality application?

AR technology is enabling customers to see and interact with 3D models. Thus, AR is basically an interactive experience where products residing in areal-world are enhanced by technology. A significant increase in sales, customer interests, and brand loyalty are observed via AR implementation.

AR app for Watch:

We have worked with several fashion brands who wanted to use the technology and enable their customers with extra-ordinary shopping experience.

AR app for Home & Kitchen Appliances:

New augmented reality (AR) technology is shaping the future for the electronics and home appliance industry.

AR app for Glass Industry:

Know how AR provide a 3D model view of different colour and shape of glass before going into manufacture is helping the customers to have an actual view of a finished products.

From a billion-dollar E-Commerce industry, Enhanced Surgical Training And Performance, Property Tours And 3D Real Estate Models, Specialized Auto Maintenance, Retail/Hospitality Training to an advanced home d├ęcor, We are everywhere to give you the best possible experience of turning your imagination into reality.