About Daddy3D

Daddy3D understands the challenges of sharing 3D models on a platform. Believe me, it is not an easy task. We’ve rounded up some of the questions our users frequently ask, and thus Daddy3D resolves all your queries related to our platform.

Who We Are

Daddy3D is an immersive and interactive 3D content engagement platform designed for 3D artists. It’s a marketplace where an artist will upload their 3D models and customers will buy those models. Apart from this, artists will get job opportunities through various audiences and deliver the work accordingly. Artists can also work as freelancers. Daddy3D streamlined the process into simple & easy steps for anyone to upload, publish, embed, buy, sell, and find 3D content online.


“To be recognized as the best marketplace for 3D content online and become a contributor to customer success.”

Daddy3D Solving Business Challenges and Providing Quick Solutions:

  • Marketplace for Artists and Entrepreneurs
  • Direct medium of 3D content engagement platform
  • Ready to use 3D models in different categories
  • Scalable and reliable platform for Business
  • Customized solution based on customer’s need
  • Quick delivery of projects
  • Fasten hiring process for skilled and creative professionals

Benefits of Daddy3D for 3D Artists:

  • Boosting their career in the field of 3D Modelling, Animation, Gaming and VFXs Industries
  • A free platform to showcase talent
  • International Exposure
  • Extra income while studying, they can sell their 3D models/ CG assets on Daddy3D platform
  • Freelancing work posted on Daddy3D platform from our global audience
  • The OJT Programme is the top performer for industry exposure
  • Certificates for the top 10 performers
  • Providing internships and job opportunities based on their work

Daddy3d for Animation, Gaming & VFX Industry

Where to Use 3D Modelling?
Customers from different verticals are using these 3D models from different sectors- Animation, engineering, architecture, entertainment, film, special effects, game development, commercial advertising and VFX companies.