Why AR/VR for Automotive

If you’re at the cutting edge of CPG supply and demand, you know all about balancing consumer tastes and market forces with the reality of ROI. When it comes to packaging, you need to source the right skills at the right time to ensure a smooth transition from concept to shelf in the shortest possible timeframe.

Key challenges

  • Text-based manual and instruction guides
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Lack of 3D visualization before manufacturing
  • Safety Issues due to inappropriate information available

Our Solutions For Automotive

  • Design & Prototype
  • Assembly & Maintenance – Training
  • Self-Service & Remote Assist Customer Apps
  • Virtual Showroom
  • AR apps for Tyres
  • 3D modelling and 3D Rendering for Automotive parts
  • 360-degree video manual guide

Benefits of AR/VR in Automotive

Benefits of AR/VR in Automotive

Highly efficient in Quality and deliveries

Error free work through AR/VR training video

Better decision before any parts manufacturing

Delivered Projects

BKT Tyre

Continental Tyres

JK Tyre

Apolo Tyres