Re-defining the electronics and home appliance industry with Augmented reality (AR) Technology.

Industry – Home Appliances

The Client

One of the highly reputed brands in the health and hygiene sector has been operating worldwide since 1982. This multi-product, multi-channel organisation is reaching new heights every day while maintaining its 154-year-old legacy. Currently, the company is Asia’s largest direct sales giant, along with e-commerce, retail, and institutional channels.

The client is also one of the leading water purifier brands in India, it offers high-quality water purifier solutions at an affordable rate. The company has several products such as vacuum cleaners, water purifiers, air purifiers, and security solutions. The company approached NextGen for a new way to represent its products to customers.

The Requirement

The client was looking for augmented reality (AR) and 3D modelling help to showcase the details of its products. The focus of the 3D model was on detailing the products in the 3D format. Amidst numerous service providers, the client chose us for the 3D rendering and augmented reality services for its product. The steps involved creating a 3D module of the product with every minute detail. The company also asked us to do the details about the machine inside the product so that potential consumers can view the product in 360-degrees.

We were asked to create a 3d model of the product by taking high-quality images in orthogonal views from each side of the product. We needed to provide a 3D modular of the product that covers each aspect of the product through high-quality animation.

The Problem

The client is one of the top leaders in direct sales, but most of its reputed and famous products are big and heavy to carry. Usually, the salesperson carries the water purifier with him for physical performance before the potential buyers. Then he explains the functions and suggests the best placement of the purifier in-home or office. Then he explains the functions and suggests the best placement of the purifier The entire process is tiring and also time-consuming.

The client was looking for a solution where the salesperson would have to describe the product on the phone without compromising the quality of presentation or sales.

The Solution

Our company provided an innovative solution to the client where now the sales representatives can showcase their products with a 3D product catalogue and animated video on mobile. The potential client can check all its features in detail as if it is assessing the actual product. Also, the Augmented Reality helps sales representatives to suggest the right placement of the product in the home or office.

We excelled in our services and helped the client to generate high sales and hassle-free client reachability without compromising the performance.

The Result

We helped our clients with high conversion, high user experience, and hassle-free client connectivity. The 3D model of the water purifier based on AR was a relief for the salesperson who earlier used to carry heavy machines and thus was unable to reach a great number of potential clients daily.