Production Manager

Job description

  • Planning and Executing the Production Plan, control Production processes effectively with Safety, Quality & Productivity. Aligning team to deliver the project.
  • Manpower planning & allocation of people on the manufacturing lines during the shifts.
  • Manage and lead a direct team and work closely with QA team. Communicate production status to team and to upper management on a regular basis.
  • Maintain Record Sheets, production logbooks, and other documents required to meet production requirements
  • Delivery timeline should be met
  • The requirements of the client should be well understood and implemented
  • Client direct contact person
  • Organizing the repair and routine maintenance of production equipment to ensure calibration status is always maintained.
  • Using skillset to expedite the delivery process
  • Hiring team members to the team

Years of Experience: 5+ years

Location: Noida

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