Increase Online Sales by Using 3D Rendering and Augmented Reality (AR) in the Furniture Industry

Industry – eCommerce

The Client

The client is one of the leading online marketplaces for furniture and home décor. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They started their journey in 2012 and have more than 8 million happy customers across 500+ cities. They’ve changed how customers shop for their homes today. Their customers engage with them online, on mobile and through our 64 experiential studios that do not sell anything, but still drive 25% of their business. The client leverages technology to seamlessly integrate the virtual and real worlds; be it through interactive 3D content or reimagining UX, they’ve been ahead in the race to empower their customers.

The Requirements

The problem of having a better user experience can only be solved through the best-augmented reality experience. We had to get high-resolution images of all the furniture available online in a specific online brand store. We focused on getting the orthogonal view of images for a detailed 3D model of each piece of furniture. The company also asked us to maintain all the visual features as close to reality that includes size, measurement, look, and upholstery detail.

The company chose us because of our high experience in creating excellent 3d models and our timely execution. We were to design a high-quality 3d image of each piece of furniture that the customer can scan and then experience the 360 views for better clarity about each piece of furniture.

The Challenges

In the digitized world, enhanced user experience has become the main priority for each sector. The furniture business is also going through a major paradigm shift. The furniture business is mainly based on touch and feel experience before selling thus, business owners with online stores face trust issues. It is essential for business owners to showcase their products to vendors or potential customers nicely and in detail for better sales conversion. The furniture owners asked us for help to have a great user experience for their clients.


We focused on providing 3d render images in lifestyle image format. Our expert team met with clients, worked on getting a high-resolution orthogonal image of each piece of furniture that was needed for display in the online store and then worked on those images to create a realistic 3d model of the furniture. The buyers can now easily choose the piece of furniture from the wish list, scan it through the mobile phone and then experience the 360 views of that piece of furniture from all angles.

We delivered 3D render images in Lifestyle image format, where their images showcase the product in the reality-based environment, which help the customer to visualize the use of the product in their environment and hence buy the product. This way, now the customers can visualize each piece of furniture, rotate the 3D image and look minutely at all detailing on that piece of furniture. It is an advanced solution that is getting popular among all online furniture sellers, and we are getting high demand for AR-based online furniture shop designing.

The Result

The ultimate goal of all businesses is profit maximization. But, in online business, the conversion rate depends upon user experience. An enhanced user experience is the guarantee of the high rate of online sale of the product. Our team successfully helped our client to get high conversion of sales and the high retention of users on the online store. Our 3d model embedded with AR is opening a whole new world of experience for online sellers and buyers.