Timex in the world of watchmakers.

Industry – Fashion

The Client

The client is one of the prominent names in the world of watchmakers. With over 150 years of legacy of being a people’s watchmaker, the company has created several benchmarks since 1854, its first inception into the business world. The client is now a household name in the affordable wristwatch section.

The client came to us looking for more effective ways to showcase their wristwatches to potential customers and convert them into loyal customers. 

The Requirements

As the business world is changing how it operates in the post-industrial revolution, all companies are looking for the best way to have an enhanced customer experience before purchasing services or products. Our client was also asking us to create a descriptive video that could highlight their product features. The idea was to convince the target customer to buy the product through high-quality video and 3D rendered depicting all the competitive USPs and features and get an edge over the competitors with similar watches.

The Challenges

The biggest challenge for us was to create a 3D realistic render for the client, ensuring all the minute details and features were depicted accurately. A slight mismatch could have created mistrust among customers for the product. Also, the wristwatch brand for which we were working is one of the biggest names in the industry. We could not take any chances with even the smallest flaw in the 3D rendering. Also, getting the image of the wristwatch from every angle and ensuring not to miss a single feature was a challenging task to perform.

The Solution

Our team of experts was very focused while working on this project. We had a detailed meeting with the client where we talked in brief about their requirements and expectations. We make sure to follow the guidelines carefully and get the orthogonal images of the watches from every angle. Now we are moving to convert these orthogonal images into 3D renders. We created a promotional 3D rendered video for the client. The video was successfully able to highlight all the key features and the USPs of the product. We ensured to maintain the high-quality 3D video without any compromise.

We also created a 3D user manual for the buyers of the watch so that the buyers will have detailed information about the watch. It aided our client in improving customer connections and increasing sales conversions on an online platform where buyers are making quick purchase decisions without the assistance of an expert.

The Result

The benefit of a 3D rendered video of the product highlighting all features and the 3D video user guide was a hit among the customers. It helped clients to have enhanced customer experiences that further increased sales volumes. The 3D video was a win-win situation for both our client and their customers. The client was able to get more sales, and the customers got all the desired information about the features without any hassle. Now, deciding to buy the watch is easy as the customers have clear visibility of all the features of the watch through 3D rendered video.