3D renders helped our client with increased conversion rates on their online portals

Industry – Food & Beverages

The Client

This client is a well-established company running a health food brand. They came to us because they were looking for a way to showcase their products on the online selling platform. In the digital era, the first look of the product has a significant role in sales conversion. As the buyers are not physically present in the online store, it is all about how the product is showcased that can enhance the buyer’s interest in the product. So, the client was looking for an innovative way to showcase its health-food products that could help them to gain more loyal customers and aid in higher sales conversion.

The Requirements

We were tasked with improving the user experience of 3D rendered and augmented reality. The client asked us to focus on the packaging of the food as it is the first thing that will be visible on the online store. The taste comes second for new customers who have no idea about the product. The concept was interesting as we had to glorify the outer look instead of the actual product.

We had to showcase the packaging in such a way that the buyers could see the glass jar, and could visualize the taste of the food product inside by just looking at the jar. Also, the client wanted a method so that before finalizing the right jar, they could virtually visualize the look of the jar with the food in it. It was going to help them save a lot of time over design and multiple edits. 

The Challenges

The real challenge for this task was to create a 3D augmented reality for the glass jars that would have the same vibes as if the customers were holding the jars and accessing them from every angle. We also need to have images of various colours of food ready in 3D renders so that the client can mix and match and then finalise the best-suited design for its product packaging.

The Solution

Our team started by taking high-resolution images of the product. We made sure to get the real essence of the product through our orthogonal images. Later, our team started creating 3D images of the Jar and the products so that the users could get a real feel of the image from all angles. After having 3D images, we started creating Augmented Reality for our customers.

It was a very successful project where we presented clients with the rendered images for the best product visualization. These renders were of high quality and helpful to the client for lucrative online marketing purposes. 

The Result

It is a known fact that products with good images have higher sales compared to their partners. In online sales, the visuals are the most important for the first click by the buyers. Our 3D renders helped our client with increased conversion rates on the e-commerce site. It was a successful project with the happy client appreciating and praising our efforts.