Suppose You want to renovate your living room and plan to buy a perfect living room sofa. You wear your sherlock hat and start searching for the sofa that would perfectly match your contrasting beige wall color. You roam multiple websites and apps, finally, you got your dream velvet sofa. You placed the order and waiting for its delivery.

Now, the sofa delivered to your doorstep, you opened it with excitement and found that Ohh! Shit, this doesn’t fit your living space. The biggest turndown ever I understand. But what if you can check its virtual appearance and fit it in your space virtually mix and match with your curtains and then placed your final order. I know you want it right? But how?

Here AR (augmented reality) came into the picture, this technology takes your load of guesswork, by helping you visualize the perfect size, color, and fit of your furniture so that you end up doing a satisfactory purchase.

Don’t wander, this is just an overview. Let me tell you in detail how this technology will make your furniture purchase easier?

Augmented Reality ease your Furniture purchase by giving you:

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1. Allowing 3-D View in your room:

You can see the whole view of your actual living room, by placing the furniture in different positions and angles just in few simple clicks just to get an idea Does it even look good actually in your room? This will save your tons of time and search, and finally, you got convinced and stick to the better choice among thousands of options available there.

2. Gives you freedom to check in your own space:

In addition to the room view, it also gives you the choice to fit the product virtually in your required space, So that you’ll no longer get embarrassed in front of your guest for those extra edges that touch your wall crease. I know that’s so embarrassing, right? But not anymore, It saves you here.

3. Can mix-match with your surroundings:

I can understand how much important it is, to match your sofas with your contrasting curtains and lamp. It just gives a more elegant and modern view to your home/office décor. That’s why AR also enables you to mix and match with your color preference and change the color on your fingertips for easier and better decisions.

4. Customize your furniture’s visualization:

The list doesn’t end here, You can customize the features of the product. For example, you like a couch whose legs are brownish and you don’t like it. So, in this case, you can change the color of the legs to golden brown and check how the couch would look actually with this transformation. Woah! Amazing. Even the minute little things are taking care of to personalize your shopping experience.

5. WOW your home/bathroom/office décor:

Okay! Just imagine how this technology not only gives you the sense of personalization even without owing that product but also saves a lot of your time and money. I know you just want to say A Big Thankyou to AR for this.

How to use step-by-step AR technology for users?

Now I want you to give everything from scratch to end in this article, that’s why I’ll going to tell you step-by-step that how to use AR technology?

1. Login/Register:

After successful registration, you can log in into your own dashboard. Now, you’ll be able to see the wider range of products as per your need and requirement.

2. Home Page:

This will be the default page that will open in front of you once you logged in. It shows you some best-selling products of the website along with offers and deals that’ll be going on then on that particular brand.

3. Categories:

Now Imagine you want to purchase an office desk for your work-from-home setup, so you just need to browse through the categories section, fill out some basic information along with your budget, and ta~da you got thousands of options.

4. Select Product:

Now for example you like certain furniture and want to see how it’ll look? Then just select that product and drag your pointer to the next step.

5. AR View:

Here you just need to customize the whole database according to your preference and your seamless real 360 degrees AR view of the product is ready. You can change the preference and compare the results.

6. Checkout:

After completely introspect the product, you are good to go to proceed with checkout. Now you just sit relax at your home and Your perfect model of furniture is on your way.

Now in the conclusion of the above, Traditional marketing is no more will going to exist in the future because in the end what matters is the customer’s satisfaction. So, the future belongs to AR/VR technology for sure.