Augmented Reality and 3D Rendering Services for Global Automotive Brand

Industry – Automative

The Client

The client that came to us is a very prominent name in the automobile industry in India. For the last two decades, it has been one of the major suppliers to almost all Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM). The company has a vast network of over 3000 dealers across India and provides OEM products to car manufacturing companies across the country. In the last few years, especially in the last decade, the world has witnessed a complete paradigm shift in operations and sales methods. This client chose us to create a 3D rendered Augmented reality of one of its famous products, automobile tyres, so that even a layman could understand the exclusive features and benefits of using the tyre.

The Requirements

Automobile products are not everyone’s cup of tea to understand. Since the market has many players in the same segment, every organisation aims for a higher number of clients, more reachability, and profit maximization. However, the sales of a product depend upon the customer’s understanding of the product and finding it relevant for its use. Selling tyres is one of the toughest jobs when the buyers are from different segments, such as farmers, middle-income groups, high-income groups, personal automobile users, and commercial automobile users. The client requested us to create a 3D render of the tyres where all the details of the tyre and its features could be easily visible and easy to understand. 

The Challenges

Showcasing the details of a tyre requires a detailed understanding of the product in detail. We had to create a 3D model of the tire, mentioning every minute detail that the customers could check with augmented reality. We had to grab the images of the tyre in an orthogonal way so that we could create an almost real vision for even a layman to understand.

The Solution

Our team of experts had a brief discussion about the layout and the process of the project. We paid great attention to the tyre’s design and discussed every aspect of it in depth. After having a detailed understanding, my team started getting high-resolution orthogonal images from every angle inside and out of the tyre. After collecting all the images, we started creating the 3D model of the tyre, keeping in mind the client’s requirements.

We successfully delivered interactive 3D images of the tyre for the client. The client was very happy with the outcome. The 3d image in AR covered all details that the client wanted to showcase to the customers. It covered even the inside structure of the tyre, depicting all the good features that could be the attractive points for high sales of this product. Now the salesperson can easily demonstrate the tyre to potential buyers without any hassle, and it can be done through the smartphone. 

The Result

The main purpose of the client seeking augment reality help was to assist users in understanding the product better. It was going to help the client to increase the sales and also enhance the reachability. The results were splendid, and, our 3D rendering and augmented reality features helped the client reach new potential customers and increase the company’s profit.